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by +.jana.+
16 Jul 2019, 21:07
Forum: The Sims Freeplay
Topic: Simchase boost
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Re: Simchase boost

Thanks Erin, much appreciated. Not worth the money indeed... perhaps if it lasted, but not as an one time thing 😕
by +.jana.+
16 Jul 2019, 18:06
Forum: The Sims Freeplay
Topic: Simchase boost
Replies: 3
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Simchase boost

Sooo... how does the simchase boost work? Does it stay forever or it works just for that one chase?

(Sorry if this was already answered somewhere - I searched but couldn’t find it...)
by +.jana.+
13 Mar 2019, 20:12
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Grand Garages Update - Changes
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Re: Grand Garages Update - Changes

I’m not sure if this was mentioned, it seems that the objects cap for a lot has lowered. When adjusting an existing house lot - that has never triggered the cap warning before - I got the dreaded too-many-types-of-objects notification. 😕
by +.jana.+
17 Oct 2018, 08:36
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: AR mode sneak peek (For Apple Devices Only)
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Re: AR mode sneak peek (For Apple Devices Only)

I tried really briefly, it’s really cool! Only - how do we bring pets into an AR house? I was only able to bring in Sims

Edit - found it :) just tap the sim to see an option to bring their pets
by +.jana.+
30 Aug 2018, 23:59
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [LIVE EVENT] Luxury Living Live Event
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Re: [LIVE EVENT] Luxury Living Live Event

randy_thrandy wrote:
28 Aug 2018, 12:38
a)does anyone know approximately how much Mb is the update worth (you know, the number it says while it's updating the app from google store)?
Not sure about google store but on iOS it’s a bit over 850 MB... a lot!
by +.jana.+
22 Aug 2018, 18:58
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: New Update Coming Soon!
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Re: New Update Coming Soon!

6lackestmoon wrote:
22 Aug 2018, 18:22

Notice the fish tank was black at first then in the last seconds it was grey? What’s going on?
Two different versions to match different designs (dark/light) perhaps? :)
by +.jana.+
01 Aug 2018, 22:29
Forum: SFP (discovery) Quests
Topic: [DISCOVERY QUEST] Back to the Wall
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Re: [DISCOVERY QUEST] Back to the Wall

monelley wrote:
01 Aug 2018, 22:08
What triggers the quest? This hasn’t started for me yet
I got the prompt when viewing the town map, and then was taken to the park to start the quest.
by +.jana.+
19 Jul 2018, 21:41
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Chic Boutique Update - Changes
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Re: Chic Boutique Update - Changes

Goldfinch 3 wrote:
19 Jul 2018, 16:07
kls1st wrote:
18 Jul 2018, 21:08
Since when can’t lights and weather machines be turned off and on without an idle sim present?
I noticed this 1 or 2 updates ago
It still works for me even on lots without any present sims. Both the lights and weather machines.
by +.jana.+
19 Jun 2018, 21:49
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Pregnancy Update - Changes
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Re: Pregnancy Update - Changes

It isn't some kind of memory limitation, is it? Same with the house cap? I remember TSTO had issues with that. That's what the response usually is whenever they are asked about raising the sim limit. There were times (not anymore) when you could add many more sims to your town. I promise it did not...
by +.jana.+
21 May 2018, 07:40
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Kids Party Community Challenges
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Re: Kids Party Community Challenges

Sorry for a silly question, but what is it that we’re supposed to do? Simply buy stuff? I have nothing left to buy... 🤔