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by SKatF
Yesterday, 23:02
Forum: The Sims Mobile
Topic: Relationship stories: Sibling Rivalry
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Relationship stories: Sibling Rivalry

I had some trouble acessing this story. I have a habit of having all family members start a relationship with new family members right away, and that was tbe problem. What worked for me is to start with 2 siblings who had no relationship with each other. Fortunately, I had a NPC sim adopted sister w...
by SKatF
Yesterday, 22:50
Forum: The Sims Mobile
Topic: The Sims Mobile
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Re: The Sims Mobile

Anyone has gotten into the Piano Hobby? It seems forever to earn (not with actual cash) 350 simcash or what is 250 just to bet into the hobby? I cant afford the home or any items with SimCash payment. Worse, I have wasted a few simcash by accidentally clicking "Rush to finish activity or whatever" ...
by SKatF
Yesterday, 22:41
Forum: The Sims Mobile
Topic: Family event icon on adult sim
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Re: Family event icon on adult sim

Yes, my retired sum has icon above her head but no new options. She had finished hobby and career stories. So far, none of my controlled sims can do mentoring with her. Also, none of my children had family events available for past two days. Poor things won't be getting good upbringing trait. I thin...
by SKatF
Yesterday, 19:00
Forum: SFP Guides/Tips
Topic: Online Store Specials Tab: Chat & Info
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Re: Online Store Special Tab: Chat & Info

Screenshot_2018-04-25-06-53-59.png The clothing costs $29.99 in my store. I would purchase for $12.99. Why the difference? Ruth Apparently $29.99 is the Kindle price. On my phone, I have the $12.99 price. I hope this is a mistake. Ruth Same costs for me Kindle/android phone. I like to buy on my Kin...
by SKatF
Yesterday, 18:54
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [QUEST] Inner Child's Play
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Re: [QUEST] Inner Child's Play

The playhouse can be placed on balconies. Agree that actions are cute but not very useful. The teens and adults can't use it at the same time preteens are using it. I was hoping the update would give preteens more hobbies or at least make karate and ballet "real" hobbies that earn LP. Oh I thought ...
by SKatF
Yesterday, 04:55
Forum: The Sims Mobile
Topic: Can female sims propose?
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Re: Can female sims propose?

I'm not sure what's going on in your game and I don't remember what happened when I had a sim propose to another but she was a female sim and was able to propose. :? Yes, my female sim propsed too, by accident! I tapped wrong, and they are now engaged. There's no going back or way to break up that ...
by SKatF
Yesterday, 04:51
Forum: The Sims Mobile
Topic: Can you change relationship stories?
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Can you change relationship stories?

I know how to change careers, costs simoleans but you keep your progess with that sim anyway, in case you decide to switch back. Don't know if a new sim in that employment keeps the progress or starts at level 0. I have had sims change hobbies. Just tap on new item. Never swiched back, so don't know...
by SKatF
Yesterday, 04:41
Forum: SFP Guides/Tips
Topic: Exclusive Online Bundle Picture Requests
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Re: Exclusive Online Bundle Picture Requests

Too expensive for basically one outfit in a couple colors for my taste.
by SKatF
24 Apr 2018, 20:51
Forum: Sims Mobile Guides
Topic: Trait icons
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Trait icons

Maybe I'm the only one who can't remember which trait icon goes with which skills, but I'm frequently frustrated figuring out which Izzy item might be best for what my sim plans to do next. For example, my sim is going tovwork at agency, so which icon should I be looking for. Decided to share in cas...
by SKatF
24 Apr 2018, 20:38
Forum: Sims Mobile Events
Topic: ASOS event
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Re: ASOS event

I have the career story unlocked now, but haven't figured out how to start it yet. Maybe I need a new sim (ie retire one) so I can add the trait. Anyone who has digured it iut, please coach us slowtops!