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by copperwood
Yesterday, 00:19
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [LIVE EVENT] Brilliant Backyards Live Event
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Re: [LIVE EVENT] Brilliant Backyards Live Event

Seasons settings for the weather machine would be great. We have falling snow, why not falling leaves. And some fall colored trees.

There isn't really any prize in this event that I'm crazy about. But I'll do the event anyway.
by copperwood
01 Oct 2018, 04:58
Forum: SFP (discovery) Quests
Topic: [Discovery Quest] A Bump-y Ride
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Re: [Discovery Quest] A Bump-y Ride

I’ve been doing this quest a few days now and wishing I hadn’t bothered. It’s costing so much money and I doubt I will get it finished in time so that will be wasted. How Important will that bonus be? It seems an awful lot of time and effort just to get a baby which we could get anyway. I wish I ha...
by copperwood
21 Sep 2018, 15:07
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [EVENT] Chocolate Lover's Carnival
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Re: [EVENT] Chocolate Lover's Carnival

Kassandra wrote:
21 Sep 2018, 06:35
Can the headdresses be worn individually? If I could wear them without the costume, might have a use for them.
Nope. It's a one piece outfit, so it's all or nothing.
by copperwood
11 Sep 2018, 20:20
Forum: The Sims Freeplay
Topic: Wizard Cottage Template Issue
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Re: Wizard Cottage Template Issue

I just checked my wizard cottage (small lot and original template), and I had no problem panning.
by copperwood
10 Sep 2018, 15:47
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [QUEST] Snow Problem
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Re: [QUEST] Snow Problem

They ask people to let them know if you were affected by this problem. Probably to make it uo to those players.
UPDATE: This issue has been fixed!

Were you effected by this issue? Please get in touch with our Support Team here:
by copperwood
05 Sep 2018, 07:06
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Luxury Living Update - Changes
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Re: Luxury Living Update - Changes

:D Sims with the baby bonus now also get reduced task times for cooking, planting and baking. And the reduced time seems to get applied differently. If a task takes a regular sim 2 hours or more you save at least an hour. They don't seem to want to use hours and minutes for those tasks. So planting ...
by copperwood
29 Aug 2018, 01:42
Forum: The Sims Freeplay
Topic: Architect Homes - Chic Boutique Update
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Re: Architect Homes - Chic Boutique Update

Mariel Bravef wrote:
29 Aug 2018, 01:20
Since the update the architect homes tab is gone for me. How about you guys?
Happens basically with every update. Mine was gone too, but is back now. It usually comes back within a day or so.
by copperwood
28 Aug 2018, 19:35
Forum: The Sims Freeplay
Topic: Should I do a crazy?
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Re: Should I do a crazy?

infants and toddlers don't really do much. and when i have a lot of people at a household, the auto-select defaults to the child. so i have find the adult amidst the household. If you don't want to use hobbies, just hibernate them. They'll only auto-select once a day. You could also send them to a ...
by copperwood
28 Aug 2018, 13:29
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Musical Expression Hobby
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Re: Musical Expression Hobby

I have two baby's but I can only get one xylophone Are you doing the musical expression event? If you do the event, you only get one xylophone. And it's impossible to finish it on time without using quite a few Lp's. The baby bouncer you get if you finish on time, shows up frequently in architect h...
by copperwood
28 Aug 2018, 13:05
Forum: The Sims Freeplay
Topic: New Round Aquarium
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New Round Aquarium

Anybody else think this aquarium is just so wrong.

They mix goldfish (cold water) with tropical freshwater fish and then throw in a saltwater fish for good measure. :o :shock:

It's a good thing this is just a virtual aquarium.