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by JoAnne65
21 Mar 2017, 22:58
Forum: The Sims 3 Builds
Topic: Share your builds!
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Re: Share your builds!

Lovely house! Hope you can share more pics of the interior? I built an apartment a while ago and am finally ready to start playing there (first I wanted my sim to graduate). Here are some pictures.
by JoAnne65
21 Mar 2017, 22:57
Forum: The Sims 3 Sims and Modeling
Topic: Hello!
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Re: Hello!

Just posting here to get to those required three posts :mrgreen:
by JoAnne65
21 Mar 2017, 22:46
Forum: The Sims 3 Stories and Legacies
Topic: Nectar-making is SUCH FUN!
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Re: Nectar-making is SUCH FUN!

Some of the pictures are beautiful! And you did a great job recreating the characters from the tv show, very recognizable. I'm going to read the story later (bed time here ;)).
by JoAnne65
19 Mar 2017, 00:33
Forum: The Sims 3
Topic: Introductions! How long have YOU been addicted to The Sims?
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Re: Introductions! How long have YOU been addicted to The Sims?

Hi :D I'm JoAnne (not my real name, she was one of my first sims in Sims 3 and I sort of adopted her name as a Sims forummer). I have been addicted to this game ever since my daughter got it for Santa Claus, december 2009. She doesn't play anymore, her mother still does :P I've been very active in a...