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by Lenny
12 Dec 2019, 10:22
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [QUEST] Hearth of Stone
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Re: [QUEST] Hearth of Stone

Anyone else having probelms with the workplace button (the one for the Wheel and ressources) since the quest started? It only shows this quest for me now. It I close the game the odl button is back but won't open. The soon a visit a house and come back to the work Station it is gone again.
by Lenny
05 Jul 2019, 08:46
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [SIMCHASE] Season 3: Summer Daze
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Re: [SIMCHASE] Season 3: Summer Daze

Do the tokens ever give out soemthing else then Money? I understand the are supposed to help us, slow down the opponent etc. But all i get out of it are simoleons I really don't need.
by Lenny
22 Mar 2019, 10:18
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [LIVE EVENT] Grand Garages Live Event
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Re: [LIVE EVENT] Grand Garages Live Event

So in order to built houses with more then one car and more space I have to demolish all the houses I built? Why couldn't they just give as more space on the existing lots?
by Lenny
18 Feb 2019, 16:13
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [EVENT] Urban Chic
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Re: [EVENT] Urban Chic

The Option to finish a row at once is back but the LP-Prices are ridicolous
by Lenny
04 Feb 2019, 14:52
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Adverts during gameplay
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Re: Adverts during gameplay

I just find it rude to force those adds on us. Thanks God I have vip level 3, so I could turn it off. I totally understand how annyoing they are for those who can't. If they at least would give out something valubale. I had them twice popping up as I moved from one of my houses occupied with the cur...
by Lenny
31 Jan 2019, 10:30
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Refined Romance Update - Changes
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Re: Refined Romance Update - Changes

I had twice popping up an commercial add by now thout my wanting it (not clicking paper Boy or billboard). Afterwards it says Osiris will now compliting the task. I have no glue what the reward is but it is annoying to be forced now watchign adds.
by Lenny
05 Dec 2018, 21:43
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [EVENT] Sleek Stockings
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Re: [EVENT] Sleek Stockings

I haven't gotten the lether shoes in two days work now. Anyone else having this problem? They aren't even marked as rare items. And I got the Chichi high heels hours ago, which usually are the most annoying to get.
by Lenny
04 Dec 2018, 13:29
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: 2018 Holiday Update - Changes
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Re: 2018 Holiday Update - Changes

My sim limit is still 34. :( also, I’m not seeing a “Deals” tab in my online store. The stocking event has started tho. And, I was so excited about a new design for a single bed but of course they put it in an expensive online bundle for us to purchase. Ugh! Same here. Still stuck with 34 sims... :...
by Lenny
04 Dec 2018, 13:28
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Marketplace Events - Chat & Info
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Re: Marketplace Events - Chat & Info

CatharinaSophia wrote:
04 Dec 2018, 13:26
mockingbird288z wrote:
04 Dec 2018, 07:27
A marketplace event just started for a new item, the Concrete Urn Fountain! Lasts 12 days and requires 162,000 points.
Are we all getting the same marketplace events now? Because my double account, my actual account and you have the same event...
I have it, too, on my two accounts.
by Lenny
18 Jul 2018, 09:16
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Chic Boutique Update - Changes
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Re: Chic Boutique Update - Changes

If you have 2 events going, you get an icon that looks like a task scheduler. When you tap on the icon it shows you the two different event icons. I'm currently doing the Chic Boutique Live Event and I still have 2 days left on a Pregnancy Event (thankfully I was finished with the support tasks whe...