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by penlopej
25 Apr 2018, 05:18
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Kids Party Update - Changes
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Re: Kids Party Update - Changes

I'm hoping this is not a permanent change and that it's just a bug but the new pine bookshelves have haunted sign now..I love these bookshelves and absolutely hate the blinking of haunted items :x 20180424_110452.jpg Darn it, I wondered why one of my cooking houses was flashing. I hate it too and n...
by penlopej
21 Feb 2018, 14:16
Forum: The Sims Freeplay
Topic: trouble building balconies
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Re: trouble building balconies

EliG1988 wrote:
09 Feb 2018, 17:14
In my case, it has nothing to do with basements :( it’s not letting me add any balcony or modify previously built ones either 😟 it has also been happening since the last update
It’s happening to me too.
by penlopej
28 Jan 2018, 07:21
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: Next update?
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Re: Next update?

Should be soon after the current teen idol event. I think that last year the update was the beginning of February.
by penlopej
01 Jan 2018, 06:05
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [LIVE EVENT] Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
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Re: [LIVE EVENT] Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

What is even more outrageous is that you can buy, with an extortionate amount of cash, these items but, apart from the free item, you then need LP’s or SP’s to get more!
by penlopej
11 Dec 2017, 22:16
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [QUEST] Snow Problem
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Re: [QUEST] Snow Problem

Thanks for the list Leah, a great help. I guess that having to wait for the next day beats having to make candles, pottery, etc.
by penlopej
05 Dec 2017, 15:42
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: December Update
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Re: December Update

Can see me re-building and demolishing+++
by penlopej
12 Nov 2017, 20:23
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: [LIVE EVENT] French Romance Live Event
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Re: [LIVE EVENT] French Romance Live Event

I’m always excited when these events appear, but 2 or 3 days in i’m ready to finish. They drag on for so long that the pleasure in getting new things is lessened.
by penlopej
28 Oct 2017, 06:13
Forum: SFP Guides/Tips
Topic: Tips about weekly tasks (updated October 2017)
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Re: Tips about weekly tasks (updated October 2017)

Just got “fly solo on magical wings” which apparently are in the Magical Rainforest”. I was just about to give up and use LP’s when I found them. It’s a leaf in a circle of stones to the left of the treehouse that has the staircase. The leaf is actually resting on top of two stones.This is the secon...
by penlopej
10 Oct 2017, 08:35
Forum: SFP Updates
Topic: 2017 Halloween Update - Changes
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Re: 2017 Halloween Update - Changes

There is still no update in my App Store either. I‘m on iOS 11.0.2. I have rebootet my device, but it‘s still not there. I downloaded fine on one iPad and my phone but the update didn’t show on my other 2 iPads. I did a search for freeplay and the update showed up but appeared as though it had alre...
by penlopej
23 Sep 2017, 07:36
Forum: SFP Guides/Tips
Topic: [TIP] to begin faster the actions
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Re: [TIP] to begin faster the actions

I have always found that if I just quickly drag the screen from right to left it has the same action. Have to make it a light flick otherwise you go out of the app and into another open app. This is on iPad.