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Profile contact options

Post by Perturbee » 21 Oct 2015, 09:23


I've recently redone the custom profile fields, this allows you to add your FB/G+/GC and other information to connect to other players (in the game).

The forum accepts both names and numeric FB IDs, so if you don't have a name in your profile URL, you can use the numbers given.
For example my name is Perturbee (also on FB), but can also be accessed using my numeric ID: 100000873746434
If you previously entered your FB link, you'll have to re-add it with only your FB name/ID.
Example of how to fill in the fields
This all makes it easier to connect to someone after reading a post, the information (except for Game Center) is visible in the Contact menu next to each post, simply click the chat balloon.
Contact options
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If you do not want to show your email address, you can disable this in the User Control Panel too, but under Board Preferences > Users can contact me by email > Set to No and click Submit.

The User Control Panel can be accessed through the top right pull-down menu where your name appears, or by following this link: ucp.php
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