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Using cheats screw with game

Posted: 06 Feb 2018, 17:01
by Aries
So... I used to play the hard way but suddenly I found out that very usefull testingcheatsenabled and for a day I succeed to complete lifetime wish, manage to build better house and all other pretty tricks. But all of these cheats caused problems which eventually bring glitches.

- Game is loading for about an hour
- Game crashes and freeze every few seconds
- Objects and sims stuck
- Lots started to appear grey if I don't get closer
- Some sims clone andI find them at different households at the town
- Digital frames are grey and do not show pictures
- Computer is getting hot
- There is some very annoying pet glitch that deform them, I hate it

Is that a common or it's just me and my game? Because it's kinda annoying. Btw I use no mods and such.

Re: Using cheats screw with game

Posted: 10 Mar 2018, 19:04
by ZeeGee
What game are you playing?