Nancy's Story

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Re: Nancy's Story

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lollipop369 wrote:
30 Mar 2017, 04:03
Debbilu_7 wrote:
27 Mar 2017, 19:45
It's just a small office with a separate entrance and a private washroom. Since the house is an expanded Japanese retreat, there are some Japanese decor items. Dr. Yamamoto is an OBGYN and primarily treats the women in town who want a home birth. The closest thing to an exam table I could find was the pedicure station from the spa so you have to use your imagination a bit there lol. He brings one to the homes for the actual delivery.
Still, nice imagination. Thought you would've used the massage table as it's more flat. They do sell those separate, right?
Yes...but then the patient is lying on their stomach...I thought the chair was a bit closer to reality for an OBGYN lol :oops: :o
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Re: Nancy's Story

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Duh, the specialty! I work at a doctor's office, so stressful on the neck...I'll pretend my character is a chiropractor and take full advantage of the massage table lol
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