Complicated Family Trees

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Complicated Family Trees

Post by Dana Anderson-James » 14 Jul 2014, 23:42

Here are stories of very complicated family trees in different parts.

Part 1: The Wood Family
Once upon a time there were two adult sims (Angela and Dan) that fell in love. However, one day they were both seniors! They had heard rumors that seniors died! They know they were at the end of the their lives. However, what they hadn't known, was that Angela was pregnant right before they had turned old! Dan knew for sure that they had to get married so they could take care of their son together. Clint Wood was born as an infant. Dan and Angela were nervous they wouldn't be there for Clint and that they would die before he was an adult. They both lasted until Clint was a teenager. Dan died of HIV. Angela and Clint reminisced and grieved, but what Angela didn't know, was that while WooHooing, Angela got HIV and died. Thankfully, Monica Edwards adopted Clint. However, her roommate and friend Chris, is enemies with Clint. Chris didn't know that Monica had adopted Clint, so he was in for a shock when he proposed to Monica and learned the truth.

This story, to be continued at beginning of the next part.
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