Are your Sims involved in an intriguing tale?
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Post by RENZponsible » 01 Sep 2014, 16:54

To do that, You can make your own timtetable/timeline of events and then create a good story. I made one(screenshot, if successfully uploaded.the photo is not yet completed. I also have family trees of every family and their generations.) Believe me, it's fun to have this kind of thing—Especially after it is done. At first, it's boring, but you will come to enioy as the bone of the story is made. And you will say to youself, "Dang! This story could be put in cinemas!" (remember the rumored sims movie?)

(you just need to picture it in your mind, and that is the fun of doing this... You can make a story and at the same time, make it happen by doing it in your sims world.)

Even though mine isn't yet finished. If you decided to start your own, these are what you should include:

1) Birthdays - to make this happen, you have to make/assign birthdates of the sims and you will find it fun as far as you go on doing this timeline-thingy. And then just add dates, for example you decided to make a sim 37 years old. Then that could be the start of the timeline.

2) Anniversaries - Add anniversaries of weddings/deaths/ etc... One of my couples are now 47Years together.

3) Hobbies - Choose their hoobies and list it, you can use this as a base for the story, I will you an idea, this is mine. For example, they met on a horse riding...or they did Ice Skating...
4) Work - same as hobbies, you can also use for your story. in the story i made, i made one a CEO of a company i invent a name. To add more fun, you can just make things up even it isnt in Sims. Like, That CEO have a wife and her wife is a COO of their company, and the CEO have a mistress but still married to the COO. Something like that

5) Relationships - you can add couples histories. I made one, Lesbi couples. Lol

6) Awards/Rewards- you can also made up things here, for exmaple, what course did they took in college? What awards? How intelligent are they? Who is the Valedictorian in their batch? Who is the Summa cum laude in their batch?

7) Generations- Generations. I have 3 generations in my sims world now. Starting from 1967 to 2014. Since then, mayorrs, artists, singers changed..and they are seniors now.. Believe me this is fun.

Reply if you have this same thought or if you have done this too. And please spread the idea! Thank you for reading, and i apologize for poor construction of paragraphs. This is my first post on a forum. Cheers.
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