Jeffrey and Danielle

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Jeffrey and Danielle

Post by GeorgieSims » 17 Oct 2014, 01:32

(~=start and end of Sims POV)
Intro: Jeffrey Bidder and Danielle Henshall have known eachother since they were toddlers. when they were preteens, Jeffrey had a crush on Danielle. Once they were teens, Jeffrey asked Danielle out and there now dating. This story is going to be more of like a journal, so there won't be a marriage or baby soon ;)
Part 1: First day of High School
~Danielle's POV: I haven't felt right since my 14th birthday. I feel like I don't know myself anymore, I used to dress in yellow leggings and shirts. Now I dress in a short blue dress, I even put black highlights in my hair! I don't know anymore, I think I hear my dad calling me. It's time for school.~ Danielle is not the sporty, outgoing little girl she used to be. She's trying to change herself, when she should stay the same.~Jeffrey's POV: Ever since my parents divorced, it's been hard. Even if it was when I was a toddler, the pain still lives. I never get to see my mom anymore! Sometimes I wish Aisha had never come, but I overheard my dad say she did something bad too. I don't really believe him. It's scary how much I look like my dad. We have the same hair colour, skin colour and even eye colour. Wait, scratch that. Lately I've noticed that his eyes shine red in the sunlight. Are my eyes tricking me? I have no clue, he's gotten a bay tattoo. I don't know what it represents, maybe there his favourite animal? Aisha and my dad had a baby named Amelia, she looks exactly like Aisha. Dark brown hair, brown eyes and dark skin. Amelia is such a sweetheart, one of the cutest toddlers! It must look weird when were in public, me looking like my dad and Amelia looking like my step-mom. My mom got remarried to, his name is Mark. He looks Italian to me. We do eat spaghetti a lot. They also, my mom and Mark, had a daughter names Riley. She's lots of fun to play with. She looks just like my mom too. *beep beep* Oh, that must be Aisha. She's a teacher at the elementary school and drives me to school now. Gotta go!~ Jeffrey still hasn't recovered from his parents divorced, it was hard for his family to be ripped apart at such a young age. But he tries to be strong, obviously his parents have moved on. His two sisters are quite the handful, but he can handle them.

Thanks for reading!
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