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Krista Roberts

Posted: 14 Dec 2014, 22:34
by Auriesims
Krista had always questioned her origin since she was a little kid. Her "father" Trevor and mother "Leigh" were both dark, as well as her "siblings" Chelsea and Ian. By the time she was a child her mother had already passed as Trevor was about to die. Before his death he told her the great family secret, she was actually Ian's daughter with some girl who had left her in their care as soon as she was born. With this new information, Ian finally started treated her as his daughter, which was weird as they still called each other by first names and messed around. As a teenager she had already accepted this new parent but something weird happened. Ian had been more nervous than ever before, finally telling her that her mother would be coming to town, to take her back. Sure enough the next day her real mother, Falitna Dighe, had come to simtown, refreshed from all those years she had spent "living" in Isla Paradiso. Angered, Krista refused to speak to her even when Ian had decided to start seeing her again. How could she forgive this person who had left her for so long? Her girlfriend, Raven Widow, was by her side through all of this and was her only support now that Ian had become infatuated with Falitna again. As an adult she married Raven and still hadn't talked to Falitna. Now well into adulthood she wishes to start a family and be a mother to her children, like Falitna never was.