The Story of the New French Quest

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The Story of the New French Quest

Post by Ventorus » 31 Jan 2017, 19:28

When I was in France,my hometown, I was a really big fashion designer. However, the company I was working with went bankrupt and I had to move out the house that they offered me for working in their company. From there, I had to find another company that would hire me, but nobody hired me because of the muchness of the young,new and fresh desginers.(Since they most likely target young people). I had to move to another town,and I came across Simtown in a website. I gathered information about the town,and booked a flight to the city near Simtown.

As I landed,I tried to find the train that leads to Simtown.It was really hard because everyone on the streets were busy to help me to get there, and some of the people were lying about where it was because they simply didn't know where the train station was. However,when I reached simtown, everyone was so nice. They introduced themselves to me. As some fellow sims were driving me around the city, I saw the billboard next to the river.
''FRENCH WEEK EVENT AT THE PARK FOR THE NEXT 12 DAYS,PLEASE TEXT 666 (sorry i couldnt think of a phone number) FOR MORE INFO''

So I texted 666 and the textbot responded to me with the details. The items that could be sold were candles,jewelry,pottery and glassware. The items that were made could be exchanged for french furniture and so. I was not very interested at first,but when I saw the grand prize, French Chateau. It contained beautiful furniture that I only would adore from the display windows of the stores. It was a really big house,unlike my small apartment in France, and the best of it was that it could be built on both normal and premimium lots for free.So I started working with the candles.

As the first 3 days passed, I hardly could reach to the pottery station. I was almost gving up until I saw the sign infront of my house. ''NEEDING HELP WITH THE NEW EVENT? HIRE LAURA CRAFT!'' I would consider what the sign said hilarious since it sounded so excited,but I let that pass away. There were no contact numbers or anything like that, just that text. I reached out to the sign and touched it. Everything became purple and there were stars everywhere. I saw some huge boxes with text on it that I couldnt read. Then everything went black for a few moments. There was another box,which had written some more unreadable stuff but since currencies and numbers are universal, I could read a really small part. There was writing $7.99 and nothing else.

As I went back to the real world, I felt a bit dizzy but then became fine. I saw a woman appear on the front of my house. I asked who she was. She said, ''I am Laura Craft,don't you remember that you just hired me?'' It was a little strange,but I did not question it because I didn't know what happened when everything turned purple.

We started crafting items for the event for days and days, and when we were at the last day, we were pretty behind on the amount of the items we had compared to the other people that participated for the event. (You could see the leaderboard via the textbot) We were both hopeless,and then Laura came to me and said; ''I didn't want to spend dollars on this,but we have to do this. I didn't know what she meant by dollars,but I didn't question it anyway. She always was mysterious.She went outside and when she came back,she had a purple chest with her. When she opened the chest, I was shocked and surprised at the same time.

The chest contained real plumbobs,not a statue or anything like that. If you don't know,plumbobs are really important in our religion. However,as far as we knew, plumbobs were green. The odd thing about these plumbobs were that they were purple. She said that those were ''Social Points''. I told her that they were plumbobs,not points but she wouldn't listen to me and act like I didn't know anything about these mysterious points at all. And in fact, I actually didn't. She started to use these purple plumbobs. We would grab a purple plumbob,start working at the stations,and then put the purple plumbobs above our head so that the crafting would be instant. Not only that,but when we used these plumbobs,we would craft more items per action than we usually did.

And that was how I got the grand prize,the French Chateau. I didn't know what happened to Laura Craft, the first time I looked away after the event was finished,and she was gone. I will always remember her and how she helped me to win the event though. Her helps were really appreciated.

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Re: The Story of the New French Quest

Post by Ventorus » 31 Jan 2017, 19:29

btw sorry if it was cringy, this is my first attempt.
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