Dear Santa

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Dear Santa

Post by EileenK98 » 27 Dec 2013, 01:21

Dear Santa,

I knew you were real! My brother said you weren't really real, but I knew all along that you really were, and I was right! Thank you for coming to Simtown and being nice to me. And singing carols and everything, too. I'm glad you liked our tree.

How are all your elves? Are they home now, working on next year's toys? I bet that was scary, not knowing where they were! But we found them all, and brought them back to the workshop. Which is really pretty! I love the big nutcracker soldiers at the door, and thank you for giving us one! It looks real nice right by our front door, with the Christmas pole on the other side.

Thank you for the sleigh, too. Sleigh rides are fun! Mommy said we could keep it, even though it doesn't take us to the North Pole anymore. It's pretty to have in our yard, just to look at.

And then we all went to the park and sang Christmas carols and heard your stories. That was so much fun! And that Grouch person even smiled when we sang! I don't think you'll have any trouble with him next Christmas. He's all happy now--and I am, too!

Cause the best present came on Christmas morning. I went and looked outside, and there was a real-live REINDEER! I named her Noelle, cause she came for Christmas, and Noelle means Christmas. Daddy looked at her and said she was a girl, and my brother the know-it-all said she wasn't, cause she had antlers, but Daddy said that female reindeer have antlers too. I didn't know that!

I love her so much! Thank you, thank you, Santa! Merry Christmas!

See you next year!


Vanessa White, age 8
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Re: Dear Santa

Post by katgames » 27 Dec 2013, 04:47

Dear Vanessa,
You are welcome. I liked your town and your tree and singing with you. I didn't even mind that you pulled my beard. Try not to be too hard on your brother. They go through these stages. He believes deep down inside and now, he's met me!

The elves are find and taking a short rest --here at the North Pole. No more wandering around for the elves. Soon we will be back to work on toys for good little girls and boys for next year. Sorry we had to disable the sleighs but we can't have people dropping by all thru the year. But next Christmas, you never might just work again!

Thank you Vanessa for singing carols, believing in me and for helping to save Christmas. You deserve that reindeer -- you earned her. Noelle is an excellent name. I am sure she will be very happy with you and your family.

I love you too Vanessa. Be a good girl now and study hard in school and make good grades and make your parents proud of you.


P. S. I am asking Kat Windchaser to deliver this for me because I do not have an account on the forum.
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Re: Dear Santa

Post by mrs_smartt » 27 Dec 2013, 10:02

This is brilliant! I love the letter and the reply.
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