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Re: [QUEST] Nanny Knows Best

Posted: 15 Jan 2016, 12:03
by Microdot
RC181 wrote:Hi guys

I've recently started playing, and on the nanny knows best quest when I am supposed to clear up the infants mess (when he knocks the trash can over) I accidentally cleared the mess as normal and the infant hasn't knocked it back over so I can't get on the next part of the quest.

Can anyone help!!
What if you just knock the trashcan over yourself, will you then have the goal?

Re: [QUEST] Nanny Knows Best

Posted: 23 Dec 2017, 19:22
by snoogs
DelDel wrote:
29 Jul 2015, 06:22
Christina wrote:I upgraded the game yesterday, all was fine, started the quest. This morning my game wont load, stuck on the loading screen searching for an internet connection. (Which I do have). :(
Have you tried disconnecting from the internet altogether and rebooting your device?
If you have an SD card installed try going to storage settings and setting it to "install on this device" for all future app installs. Reinstall update and see what happens.