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This section is all about (discovery) quests.
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Re: [DISCOVERY QUEST] The Grooving Guru

Post by mockingbird288z » 23 Jul 2017, 23:04

BlueIndian wrote:
16 Jul 2017, 20:56
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16 Jul 2017, 20:42
grumpler66 wrote:
22 Jan 2017, 15:48
Hooray, I've done it. I'm through.Got the last set an hour ago. It took only the SPs to get ten mats - I don't remember how many, and I don't want to know :( - 100 LPs and three time extensions. It was definitely worth it - arghh. Of course not!

But at least, and that's the good part, EA won't bother me to buy the set like they did with the wizards costumes countless times over and over again! Yeah!

I just started the discovery quest after building the gym. Did I read correctly that the aerobics mats will sell for SPs, not simoleons?
If I remember correctly, first 8 mats cost simoleans...and after that SPs..also there is one already in the gym. So without spending any SP we can have 9 sims working on it.
The first 9 mats cost simoleons. So with the one in the gym we can have 10 sims on the hobby without spending SP. The list of the prices can be found here.
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