How does multiplayer work in The Sims Mobile?

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How does multiplayer work in The Sims Mobile?

Post by greglazor » 07 Feb 2018, 09:37

Hello all,

As a huge supporter of online multiplayer in The Sims, I'm so happy for this episode on mobile. I'm pretty sure the game will have its defaults like energy stuff and real time needs, but anyway I'll give it a chance.
So do we know how multiplayer works?
Do you think we'll need energy for invitations?
Is there a chat option or just social intercations?
Can you invite friends at your home is it only at a specific place of the map?

We probably don't have the official answers, we can still make spéculations I guess.

Thank you

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Re: How does multiplayer work in The Sims Mobile?

Post by contrarysims » 07 Feb 2018, 11:31

I've been playing the soft launch, so I'll see if I can answer these for you.

Energy: you have an energy limit for party interactions each day, whether that is your own party or someone else's party. Basically, you can do 20 actions, without having to refill with a party cake. I've found the cakes pretty easy to collect, I have a bunch of them on reserve.

You can attend up to two parties per day. You can host your own party once per week. Parties are held at home only, not at any of the public lots.

So you can add your own friends using Facebook (I think so, none of my own friends play) or just add complete strangers as friends when you run into them at parties. You will be able to attend random parties from a list, even if you don't know anyone there. Once there, you can add the Sims you see as friends, and whenever those friends have a party you will get an invitation notification.

There is a chat option. But I don't see many players using it, and when people are chatting it's usually in Portuguese (the first soft launch released in Brasil).

Interactions aren't in real time. So when you see sims at a party moving around, doing things, talking... that's not actually the other players controlling them. They are moving around autonomously. You can click on them and perform an action with them, but the other player won't see what you've just done.

So, outside of parties, you can invite your sim friends over individually to socialise, but again, the other player will not be involved and will not see what is happening at your house. They will get a notification when your sim reaches a new relationship level with their Sim, but that is all.

I hope that explains some things for you... Some of it could change in the official launch though.
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