Family events: earning heirloom tickets discussion

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Family events: earning heirloom tickets discussion

Post by SKatF » 09 May 2018, 01:44

I like to do as many family events as I can to earn heirloom tickets.

Events seem to be only with children or retirees. And only when the family event icon pops up above the child or retiree's head.

For me, the child events usually pop up first thing in the morning. I try to do them immediately, because if a child gets the "I want to age up icon" there will be no family events available. I've missed out by not doing the family event imnediately and having the family event icon change to a age up one.

I've noticed in events with sim cildren, I can only do one event per day per child age. So one baby event, one toddler event, and one preteen event - assuming I have a child of each age. If I have, for example, two toddlers only in the game, I will get one family event that day. Occasionally, if a kid ages up in the middle of the day, and I haven't done a family event with a child of the new age, an event might pop up.

I try to have a child of each age and move most of them out when they turn adult. I think of them as foster children in an attempt not to get attached. (Not that it always works as RL foster parents will affirm.)

I can't figure out the parameters for the family events with retirees. I have them running around with the icon. But my playable sims don't seem to be able to interact with them for a family event. When I tap on them when an icon is there, if the playable sim had a story going with the retiree, it just offers the next part of that. If the playable sim has no story, it just wants to start one. One time I got a relationship event offered, but I couldn't tell what I had done to make it happen.

Tips are welcome. No advice too simplistic for me, because I'm not getting it!
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