Increase in Sim Ticket Cost for Babies

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Re: Increase in Sim Ticket Cost for Babies

Post by SKatF » 03 Jun 2018, 04:17

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BlacKat wrote:
03 Jun 2018, 02:51
Is there an advantage to having tons of kids? I susally have each couple have 2 children. This generation being the exception as they had 4. Have been slacking on my relationships and using the playables to complete four more. Once done, will retire them and make the youngest two playable. Have I been missing some opportunities?
Family events earn heirloom tickets. If you had lots of kids, moved them out when they became adults (to make room) and had more, you could have more family event opportunities. However, recently Maxis seems to be limiting me to 2 family events per day, regardless of number of children. So less advantage to "farming" raising disposable kids for their benefits, then getting rid of them.
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