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Reminder: Cheats/hacks/glitches!

Posted: 09 Feb 2014, 12:35
by Perturbee
PUBLIC WARNING to any and all involved!

First of all, this is already stated in the forum rules.
10. Discussions about cheats, game-file editing and circumventing the online-store (= digital THEFT!) are forbidden. This is a one warning, next offence is ban policy. Those who post about circumventing the payment system for the online-store will be reported with IP-address to the fraud departments of EA and FM!
Exploiting bugs and glitches within the game without the use of apps is not considered cheating.
I.e. the time-glitch on Android with the Neighbours Update was not a cheat.
Recently there have been a few posts that bordered on this rule and today I came across one that clearly violates this rule! Even if it concerns "only" making a skyscraper, it is still HACKING!

Let me be VERY clear about this:
ANYTHING you need to use to manipulate the game (jailbreaks/rooting/tools/cydia/etc.) is NOT allowed here.

Google can help you if you feel the urge to STEAL or HACK the game, but one note of warning to those who do:
In the most optimistic case, your game might get corrupted with a next update when FM/EA does find out what is going on!

It's your conscience if you do steal (and yes, getting ยง 100,000,000 and/or LP 88,888,888 and/or SP 100,000,000 is still DIGITAL THEFT) and you can go to jail for this!!!
Saving to the cloud DOES reveal personal data like FB account and/or Game Center account along with your IP-address (and possibly more), which are enough to trace you down WITHOUT a court order!

This forum is not intended to encourage these practises and thus rule 10 remains in place.

The use of in-game glitches, like babies, reindeer, windows/objects placements and the likes are NOT cheating/hacking, they are exploits (for the lack of better terms).
Using the LP Lotus to circumvent paying for another one IS consider stealing.

I do not like to ban anybody, but will do so with repeated offenders. You have been warned and ignorance is NOT an excuse!

Re: Reminder: Cheats/hacks/glitches!

Posted: 09 Feb 2014, 16:46
by EvilEmily2213
I think there is a glitch. My dog keeps showing up at the pool! Ever since the bird feeding quests! And he won't stay home. :(

Re: Reminder: Cheats/hacks/glitches!

Posted: 09 Feb 2014, 17:01
by Perturbee
Yes, that is indeed a glitch, also reportedly seen at the park.