Question about Pre-teen Ballet: Community Center or Home

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Question about Pre-teen Ballet: Community Center or Home

Post by blackbrit » 19 Mar 2014, 23:05

Four of my new pre-teens have been assigned ballet. I know about stretching repeatedly to get them to the top level, so I did that.

This question comes because I am on the new update. My previous pre-teen ballerina gave me access to the same record player that is in the ballet studio at the Community Center. (In the Home Store on the pre-teen tab.) I had thought I'd move the ballet class to one of the houses. However, this is what I find when I tap on the record player for the options at home:

One pirouette 4 min
Quick pirouette 1 hour
Extensive pirouettes, 24 hours
Pirouettes, 9 hours

At the Community Center I have two preteens doing pirouettes already, so when I tap on the record player all I can see is "Join in. 6 hours," which makes me think that it takes less time to do the actions if they are performed at the Community Center. Does anyone know if this is true?

Post-update every minute counts. :? So actions that take less time and produce more movement toward the Life Dream are preferable.

Any help on this will be appreciated! Meanwhile, the preteens are just hanging out so they don't run down their tiny 5 day lifetime meters.
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