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Reccomendations for simsfreeplay

Posted: 23 Mar 2014, 04:57
by divo944
Sims Freeplay wise

so im thinking instead of the cloud why not give us save slots instead wouldnt it be more effecient because you could not only save multiple sims games but also make copies just in case something goes wrong and you wouldnt have to worry about the annoying cloud does anyone Agree
just a friendly suggestion to help people who have trouble with the cloud and the cloud could just be used to save our towns so people can visit but you no longer save your game with the cloud its just so people can visit also a button that allows you to turn off visiting like it would say this person is not allowing visits right now check back later so people could get thier towns together and wont get thier projects completely jacked and then didnt get the credit for it all just suggestions even though i know they arent going to Listen but its worth a shot