Farewell SFP friends

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Farewell SFP friends

Post by bloodcool »

The game was fun until they release the life orbs, it was painful to sacrifice others in order to save that selected few. Finally, with great helps from this forum, I could stop constant grinding for orbs, saved the characters and unlock all related facilities.

Then came the back-to-back time-limited events which totally destroy the fun.
No more time to sit down and plan on the renovation of houses.
No more time to make the characters socialize.
No more time to let the characters indulge in proper hobbies.
The time-limited rewards that were unlocked never got to be put into use.

Of course, the game has brought me to know fellow SFP players like Perturbee, Erin, Palmjil (whom have also quit)and many others in this forum that have helped one another in order to make the game richer and more playable. This is, definitely, why I have held on so long to this game as I loved to go explore around neighbors' towns.

With the change in my work commitment IRL, I could no longer spare the time to constantly pursue over the unlimited time-limited quests and/or events. As such, I'm bidding farewell to this game after 3 years of play (4.5 years if I include my previous account).

So thank you, everyone. I've enjoyed this forum best among others type of social forums that I've joined (before Facebook social 'takeover'). Take care.

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Re: Farewell SFP friends

Post by Dellie »

All the best, bloodcool.

I struggle with the same decision as the endless repetitive events keep rollin out and suck the fun out of the game.

I keep hoping FM will wise up and change. I'm doubtful.

Take care.

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Re: Farewell SFP friends

Post by mockingbird288z »

I wish you well, bloodcool!!

I'm also not a fan of the constant limited time events and I worry if we will have more of these events like the Tropical Romance Island. Currently I only play the game during limited time events (which is ending up to be almost all the time...). When I finish an event I don't touch the game until the next one starts. The game is just no longer fun for me. :(

I'm sorry to see you go, you and your contributions will be greatly missed!
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Re: Farewell SFP friends

Post by ErinPW »

A thousand memories flash through my mind, we had so much fun in the past :) Thanks for being my friend all the time!
I'm also sorry to see you go and I'll miss you.

I wish all the best for you, bloodcool!
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Re: Farewell SFP friends

Post by kls1st »

Totally sympathize. Since I killed of my original sims it's not been nearly as enjoyable. I'm not ready to quit yet but I sure do get where you're coming from :? Maybe after a break you will be back. Maybe the game will change again. Check in sometimes, eh?
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Re: Farewell SFP friends

Post by bloodredroses01 »

I'm sorry to see you'll be leaving the game but I understand your reasons. I sometimes think that I'm holding on by the skin of my teeth as far as wanting to keep playing but I'm gonna hold on at least a little longer.

Please, please don't delete any of your accounts so that if SFP becomes fun again in the future you can pick it right up again. Good luck with everything!
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Re: Farewell SFP friends

Post by ilovethesims »

I wish everyone would stop leaving, it makes me, as a player who new but not a newbie, extremely sad...
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Re: Farewell SFP friends

Post by katgames »

Here's another thread that's months old and I just now found it!!! My bad for not coming around so much. My experience is pretty much summed up in bloodcool's post. Much belated and prolly now never read but none the less fond farewell to bloodcool. You were one of the peeps I first met besides Pertrbee, who used to post so much valuable information, you'd post pics of the houses so we could decide what we wanted to purchase, you explained so much, you'd give us tips and most importantly friendship. I DO miss having all the friends. I think that was the biggest part of the fun. We were all doing it together. But they changed the game drastically.

I'm like you now Leah, I go in to do the quest and don't go back. By the time I finish the quest I'm irritated with the boring repetitive nature of it and I have no interest in spending more time. I remember when I'd plan a special day for my Sims. Maybe a night out at the nightclub and get everyone dressed up... Then post pics of it here. Or a skiing adventure with the kids. I'd play with them like electronic paper dolls. Their relationships were sort of worked on each time I went into the game. The hobbies and jobs were done to earn things but at a relaxed pace. I mostly love the building and decorating. That's really why I ever kept playing. Who has time for that now? When I go into the game now is to endure some ridiculous quest that is so boring and horrible and there's a time line looming... Is all dictated. They decide what I'm doing now, not me. They sucked out all the fun. It's a shame too cuz it really, truly WAS fun.

So I understand bloodcools' choice to leave and I'm sorry it took me six months to even discover this thread. ~sheesh~ It feels kinda empty when I come here now. I think sometimes I'll just stop doing the updates and just play again and build for myself. Ignore the new stuff. I don't need anymore new clothes, I don't have time to change their outfits anyways. *sighs* so yeah, it makes me sad.I still come here and rely on helpful information from Leah and Erin...thank you so much. I'm glad is still here. If the forum was gone... Well it truly would be over huh?

I know some have moved onto other games but there was a moment back there, with a big group of us, that was very REAL, very fun and I will forever be grateful for that time. *nods. So for now, I'm hanging in. Wow... That was a loooong ramble huh? *wipes away a little tear*
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