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Posted: 06 Apr 2017, 18:13
by BeachBum
I just got back to back timed events, trying to complete. It gave me the restaurant which took all my simoleans then the weather station and now the community center. I used up my LPs to get through those because of the toddler event and the market event going. I have everyone working on the jewelery, pottery and that other thing. The few sims left are at work as I sold alot of furniture to try to get sim money for the community center that I have 6 days and need 300k to build. I have a whopping 43k. I did not want these quests as I have not been doing them because of these special events that require all this collecting of resources. I am ready to stop all my sims from that event sell back those stations and just cook up storm to try to get 255k more. They all popped up after I finished the preschool quest which was not timed. Grrrrr. Am frustrated that I did not get a choice to not do these quests. I have 4 active quests now and 3 are timed. Ok rant over. I am going to walk my dog since I have been playing for 7 hours straight. :evil: