Mystery Box Shop - Island Villla Box

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Mystery Box Shop - Island Villla Box

Post by mockingbird288z » 13 Mar 2018, 19:21

The Island Villa Box will is available for 6 weeks (roughly the length of an update) and contains new items in the Island Villa theme.

There are 40 items available and you get 8 items for every box (1 Key) you buy. It will take 5 Keys to get all of the items. So there is enough time to get all of the items even if you don’t have any keys at the moment.

As you buy boxes the items that you get in that box are removed from the Island Villa Box. Once you unlock all the items available then all 40 items are put back in the box and you can get 8 free ones in every box you buy. But that only happens after you have unlocked every available item.

Here are the items and their prices:
3 x
HFN: 22 West Side -- Includes dog and cat
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