Where can I find this outfit?

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Where can I find this outfit?

Post by SimFeepay » 30 Apr 2018, 00:45

Hello. I’ve been a long-time SFP player but I just created this account. I apologize if I posted in a wrong category. Mods, feel free to move this.

So, I was visiting one of my neighbors and their sim is wearing this...
I was wondering from where can I this top? It’s nowhere to be found in the Sunset Mall and I’ve checked as many previous quests as I can to see if the clothes were offered as a prize ... but I found nothing. Is it included in an online pack? Can someone please tell me? Thank you very much.
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Re: Where can I find this outfit?

Post by mockingbird288z » 30 Apr 2018, 04:28

It was a limited time item from September/October 2015 for fashion week. That top color was available to iOS users.
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