Placing Whirlpool on a balcony

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Placing Whirlpool on a balcony

Post by ckrueger » 14 Oct 2018, 09:54

Hi all,
I'm new so sorry for anny unintentional mistakes.
I'm having problems to place a whirlpool on a balcony although the balcony is surely big enough. I also completed necessary levals for doing so such as celler, balcony, mezanin etc. I even won a house with a whirlpool on the balcony. Thank you for any tips that might help.
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Re: Placing Whirlpool on a balcony

Post by SIMazing » 21 Oct 2018, 16:04

Can you share a screenshot or description of the location? Are you placing the whirlpool so it fits just between the wall and balcony rail. If it’s against the wall, doesn’t the wall have a window? If so, is that one of those kind that you can’t place objects against? If it’s away from the wall, what other objects are near the whirlpool?
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