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Re: Izzy Fashion Gems

Post by SKatF » 12 May 2018, 02:27

mockingbird288z wrote:
12 May 2018, 01:17
SKatF wrote:
07 May 2018, 22:16
mockingbird288z wrote:
17 Apr 2018, 00:39
I think it's been changed to needing 6 of each stickers to earn 3 stars because one of my sims only got 8 fashion gems even though he had more than 4 of each type of sticker.

He got 5 of the "Cool" sticker and only got 2 stars for that. He got 6 of the "Hot" sticker and got 3 stars. I didn't try to change his outfit to get more stickers during the week cause I knew he had at least 4 of everything.

Since they might change it maybe it's a good idea to keep trying different outfits to get a lot of each sticker.
Last week and this week, it seems you need 7 stickers to get 3 stars in a category. 1 or 2 seems to be 1 star, 3 to 6 is 2 stars and 7 and up are 3 stars.
I hope they stop increasing the amount of stickers needed. One of my sims barely squeaks by each week. I wonder if it would be considered abusing the system to start up a topic so people could post their sims and what stickers they need for that week?
One week Abra had 17 cute stickers, enough of 2nd category and one short in third category. No matter what I put her in, she just got cute stickers.

Sometimes I just give random stickers, if that's what I have left when I see a friend's sim. I never know which they really want.

I don't think it would be abusing the system to post if you needed a certain sticker.

Although lately I've wondered if it's worth much effort. Izzie's creations haven't thrilled me lately.It sure would be nice if respinning was possible, or the cost to reset wasn't ridiculously high.
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