[Guide] User Interface Differences

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[Guide] User Interface Differences

Post by mockingbird288z » 02 Jan 2017, 00:06

The Sims FreePlay has two different users interfaces for tablet and phones. The layout of the interface depends on the screen resolution of your device and not on what your device actually is. (i.e., you can have a tablet device with the phone layout)

Here are the differences between the phone and tablet layouts. Phone layouts are on the top and tablet layouts on the bottom.

The general layout:
The simtracker (yellow) is split to the sides on the tablet layouts and in an envelope for phones
The menu (pink)is in the center of the bottom for tablets and on the right bottom for phones
The Home Store
There is a big difference in how the two layouts experience the home store. While the phone layout has one large section for all the different items the tablet layout has four distinct sections with the items distributed accordingly.
If a player with the phone layout wanted to place stairs they would open the home store and scroll to the stairs tab. If a player with the tablet layout wanted to place stairs they would open the home store, tap on the "House" section and then scroll to the stairs tab.
Home Store on the Phone Layout
Home Store on the Tablet Layout
Build Mode
The tablet layout doesn't have the "Move & Sell" button in the home stores it is not needed. What it does for phone users is hides the home store so that they have more room to work with.

The Simtracker/Occupations, and ect.
For phone layouts the Simtracker, Occupations tab, Hobbies tab, etc. can all be found in the envelope button to the left of the screen. For tablet layouts the Simtracker is on the left above the Task Manager and the Occupations, Hobbies, and Relationship tabs are on the right.
Once the Life Dreams & Legacies quest is complet the Life Dreams and Age Control tab are added to the menus. For the phone layout they are added in between the Hobbies and Relationship tabs. For the tablet layout they are added after the Relationship tab.

There are a few minor differences between the layouts.

When you tap on the town view icon to switch between the different areas of SimTown the others areas are shown in a straight line for the phone layout while they are fanned out for the tablet layout. The same things happens when deciding between the cupcake or the rainbow slices.
For VIP 6 and up players the "Collect All" button is added in between the Party Boat and Town View buttons in the menu on the phone layout while it is added to the left of the Town View button for tablet layout.
And finally, in the Occupations tab the tablet layout shows the exact percent your sim has for their current level while the phone layout does not.
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