[EVENT] The Charming Barber

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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by JakeSim » 01 Jan 2017, 06:27

I have 16 Sims :) maybe that's why. The good thing there's plenty of time left. I'm doing it in my second game too and it's faster on that one hehe.
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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by ErinPW » 01 Jan 2017, 07:51

In my main game I had to wait for the last item more than 6 rounds with 14 sims. After that it became better and they're done now.

In my second game I have 26 sims working on it. The 3rd grid has 1 item left, they just started the 3rd round for that 1 item. It was the same with the other grids ... repeats over several rounds.
I'm not jumping in as much as in my main game, as I don't need to have everything there. Nevertheless the number of repeated collectibles is annoying.
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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by Bendybanana » 06 Jan 2017, 12:55

I didn't want to spend ages on this, so had 6 sims on it and only 4 days. I didn't keep checking every ten minutes and just did it when I felt like it. And I got ... 0 hairstyles! Just reminds me why I barely touch my game these days.
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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by Alarik » 06 Jan 2017, 16:17

I´ve managed to finish the event fully, it doesn´t happen very often :-). I used 12 sims and tried to check as frequently as possible. I´ve finished it only because we still have the 10 minutes option.

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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by bloodredroses01 » 07 Jan 2017, 17:22

I finished the CB event but not the Fairy Prince one (but I did unlock all the furniture). For once I wasn't obsessive about completing the events and I'm surprisingly cool with that. I've only done enough of the hospital MP event to get a 3rd green token and/or get rid of items that I don't need for the station I'm trying to open (because I keep running out of storage space :evil: ).

The Chi Chi heels were really weird this time. Usually (9 outta 10) they are the last item I need to complete a grid but for this event it varied which item completed the grid. But the thing that blew me away was that sometimes I could complete a grid by having all my sims (varied from 10 - 15 sims) do the fashion task 4 times or less but other times it took more than twice that number of times. :roll: I'm just glad that I got the hairstyle that I really wanted and that all the damn grinding is done for at least a little while! :lol:
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