[EVENT] The Charming Barber

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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by JakeSim » 01 Jan 2017, 06:27

I have 16 Sims :) maybe that's why. The good thing there's plenty of time left. I'm doing it in my second game too and it's faster on that one hehe.
Happy new year everyone!
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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by ErinPW » 01 Jan 2017, 07:51

In my main game I had to wait for the last item more than 6 rounds with 14 sims. After that it became better and they're done now.

In my second game I have 26 sims working on it. The 3rd grid has 1 item left, they just started the 3rd round for that 1 item. It was the same with the other grids ... repeats over several rounds.
I'm not jumping in as much as in my main game, as I don't need to have everything there. Nevertheless the number of repeated collectibles is annoying.
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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by Bendybanana » 06 Jan 2017, 12:55

I didn't want to spend ages on this, so had 6 sims on it and only 4 days. I didn't keep checking every ten minutes and just did it when I felt like it. And I got ... 0 hairstyles! Just reminds me why I barely touch my game these days.
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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by Alarik » 06 Jan 2017, 16:17

I´ve managed to finish the event fully, it doesn´t happen very often :-). I used 12 sims and tried to check as frequently as possible. I´ve finished it only because we still have the 10 minutes option.
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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by bloodredroses01 » 07 Jan 2017, 17:22

I finished the CB event but not the Fairy Prince one (but I did unlock all the furniture). For once I wasn't obsessive about completing the events and I'm surprisingly cool with that. I've only done enough of the hospital MP event to get a 3rd green token and/or get rid of items that I don't need for the station I'm trying to open (because I keep running out of storage space :evil: ).

The Chi Chi heels were really weird this time. Usually (9 outta 10) they are the last item I need to complete a grid but for this event it varied which item completed the grid. But the thing that blew me away was that sometimes I could complete a grid by having all my sims (varied from 10 - 15 sims) do the fashion task 4 times or less but other times it took more than twice that number of times. :roll: I'm just glad that I got the hairstyle that I really wanted and that all the damn grinding is done for at least a little while! :lol:
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Re: [EVENT] The Charming Barber

Post by jVanDuyn » 05 Feb 2018, 13:13

randy_thrandy wrote:
31 Dec 2016, 17:34
HordePrime wrote:If you think about it, this is insane.

Having to do the exact same action dozens of times just to overcome the inherent random factor* and unlock one of the many virtual graphics you need to complete one of many grids (which you all have to finish in a specific time period). I'm doing it, like all of you, but no sane person could possibly consider this purely mechanical chore fun in and of itself. There's no skill involved, no story, no creativity, just tapping the screen until you finish, and with the pressure of having to do so before a certain time!

(*Actually, it's almost certainly not random, it's deliberately stacked against you).

Sometimes you have to take a step back and laugh and how ridiculous your life has become.
Maybe it's best not to think about it... ?
Good Morning, Fellow Forum Members:

The above partial quote from former forum member, randy_thrandy's post says it rather succinctly and certainly "all of this" IS part of each SFP player's -->Siminsanity = (love-of-the-game mania). I remain with my extemporaneous (to quote randy_thrandy) "preach" on the existence of queues, constants and variables, within the architecture of SFP game app. FM is well aware of the "how and why" of it all (online game-app). "The game" is strategically pitted against the end-user (gameplayer), intentionally, and most certainly, non-randomly. Every contracted game app developer and coder in RL understands the liabilities of constants, variables, & queues. In their world it is where the output must meet the deadlines (specified amount of time to deliver the final game app product) this is a constant and the coders are at odds with every variable, parked in queue to receive what bugs the end-user damage reports have brought forth = we are their beta-testers--really. TSFP players are the consortium of what "we bring to SFP's table" one way or another (nothing in-game is free). Time is invaluable and cannot be recouped. That my fellow members, IS a truism, and a hard boiled constant. "Real Time" can not be manipulated by the hard-coding "Sim Lord"...tap..tap..tap !Rissoles! !Tick tock!
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