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Re: Dream Weddings - Marketplace Events

Post by mockingbird288z » 15 Aug 2017, 16:32

ilovethesims wrote:
15 Aug 2017, 10:42
BlueIndian wrote:
15 Aug 2017, 10:20
Has anyone collected all the rugs in marketplace events??? If yes, what you get as prize instead of rugs???
I don't know if I've got all the rugs but u just get furniture offered to me now
Yeah, once you unlock all the rugs you get the same type of stuff offered for the fifth prize as you do for the first and third prize. Once I unlocked all the rugs I stopped doing Marketplace events.
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Re: Dream Weddings - Marketplace Events

Post by Chelle23 » 15 Aug 2017, 19:42

Super excited, I got the living bear 😊 had it in my WP game and had set up a child care centre jn the gingerbread house where he hung out with the babies and toddlers. Will be glad o have him back. Unlike others I reallh do want the gingerbread stuff because I loved using it for the childcare centre. Keep hopi g for moee, but only the lamp this time.
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Re: Dream Weddings - Marketplace Events

Post by BlueIndian » 16 Aug 2017, 08:35

Maximum how many courier guys can we get in a day? I've got max 4...never more than that...
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