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Re: Home Makeover Update - Changes

Post by SKatF » 16 Apr 2018, 04:14

adm82020 wrote:
15 Apr 2018, 05:23
I am not sure where this question should go but going to put it here. Can anyone explain the pricing of the rails for patios, balconies etc, I never took notice until I put a rail around a small mezzanine balconies that was a simple small 2x2 square and using railing costing 2500 I figured would come to 10,000 but it came to 15,000 so it clearly isn't charged by square like flooring and such. Just curious.
I don't know but speculating it could be priced by linear foot (how many segments to go around) but this doesn't come out either. A 2x2 would have 8 segments around which would be 20,000. Unless your mezzanine touched a wall or staircase or something so there were only 6 railing segments.
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Re: Home Makeover Update - Changes

Post by adm82020 » 21 Apr 2018, 18:25

I can't figure it out either, thanks for trying.
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Re: Home Makeover Update - Changes

Post by simsally » 21 Apr 2018, 22:05

Teleporters are on sale in the home store right now! They are 30lp each I'm so excited to finally have these. Bunch of random other items on sale including a few of the Christmas items which I find kind of weird.
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