Mystery box shop - Preteen Special Box

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Kavi x Avi
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Re: Mystery box shop - Preteen Special Box

Post by Kavi x Avi » 26 May 2018, 21:24

I'm happy that they changed it! The potential of new mystery boxes like the ones we got during the Island Villa event was the only thing that kept me playing the game between events. And even then only until I finished my daily tasks for the week haha. So it was really disappointing to see them increase the price by so much for the preteen boxes, especially bc preteens are so lacking in content! I mean we've all been asking for more content for them for ageeeees.

I can only suspect that this was another attempt by them to try and make more people buy in-game micro-transactions...tbh we should've expected this after they put mystery keys for sale in the shop. All in all I'm glad that the community was able to rally enough to make the devs pay attention and change it, bc I have a feeling if this went unchecked by us, they'd probably start implementing more and more blatant cash grabs 🙄
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Re: Mystery box shop - Preteen Special Box

Post by Simsaddict456 » 27 May 2018, 10:26

I realised I actually got 9 keys even though I only spent four, so I was able to get all the clothes right away :D I am really happy the community complained :lol:
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