[LIVE EVENT] Luxury Living Live Event

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Re: [LIVE EVENT] Luxury Living Live Event

Post by Simbellini » 12 Sep 2018, 08:29

My game updated automatically for this one - which it never does. But then I realized I would be away for the end of the event. So it did me a favour.
I did finish early and got everything. I don't tend to sleep well anyway during these events - so it probably isn't healthy in that way.
I have plenty of lp and sp hoarded as a long time player but I hate using them. But I have been really down when I've continually missed prizes - that's why I hoard them.
For this event I followed Mockingbird's advice and used sp to restock the candle stations at the start and then did the shorter actions except through the night. I do try to get some sleep! But I know not everyone can do it this way and it's a shame.
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Re: [LIVE EVENT] Luxury Living Live Event

Post by randy_thrandy » 12 Sep 2018, 20:58

i see y'all here getting pretty depressed and desperate about these events and, well, i very very rarely spend a single SP on these. i also have a pretty eventful life so i don't always manage to keep checking in during the day for the 2,5 hour ''crafting shifts'' but i so far always made it through (well except for tha party house one. uni was thoroughly biting me in the butt back then :P).
i've found it's crucial to unlock all stations as fast as possible. no need to use SPs but like... as fast as humanely possible. i keep the sims working 4 times for 2,5 hours and then for 8,5 hours at night (won't catch me setting alarms middle of the might to collect some candles! :D). sometimes, if i'm having rough time and stay up late, i set them to work with 5 times 2,5 option and 1 time the 6,5 hours. do that in the first few days, you can unlock the bloody glassware station soon enough to finish the event in time, comfortably even. i usually try to keep the same pace of 4 times 2,5 plus 1 time 8,5 through the event but sometimes .. life gets in the way. still managed to complete stuff, tho, without any use of SPs.
if you do use some SPs however, it's best to do it in the begginig to help yourself unlock all the stations faster, just like some of you mentioned already.
setting alarms in the middle of the night sounds p. terrible so please don't do that maybe? it's really not good for the whole biorhythm/ sleeping pattern kinda thing. C:
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