Ground Zero (Challenge) - Day 1

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Ground Zero (Challenge) - Day 1

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Welcome to Ground Zero:

Rules - Build a 5x5 shack with nothing in it, this will be your main house for this Challenge. Only 1 'Adult' Sim. No speeding things up using LP. You can buy items required for tasks. You cannot expand the house unless told to.

Day 1: Nothing Remains

1. Grow some carrots
I wonder if this soil is radioactive, grow some carrots to find out.
2. Call a friend
Just as I thought, this soil is radioactive. Call a friend to make sure they're alright.
3. Brew a Double Shot
Your Sim is so tired, give them a dose of caffeine by drinking a Double Shot of Coffee!
4. Sleep through the alarm in a bed
Your Sim is dead tired, caffeine does not even work! Have them to Sleep through the alarm.

The End - Stay tuned for day 2!
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