Day 15 of "Lost at Sea" (The End)

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Day 15 of "Lost at Sea" (The End)

Post by Perturbee »

Two ships arrive a little sooner than said. Finally they are rescued, food is brought on board from one of the ships and they're towed full steam ahead to the nearest harbour.

If you want you can post your stats (not required at all):
- Level of careers of both adults with percentage
- Level of hobbies of both adults with percentage
- Level of school for the pre-teen with percentage
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Re: Day 15 of "Lost at Sea" (The End)

Post by Dilly »

Okay! Here are My Stats for the Beringer Family. Numbers are pretty paltry though, I only played in the evenings and quick setups in the mornings (except a few mornings when I was having TOO much fun & was late for work, Yikes!);
Chardonnay: Politician/Level 1-80%
Merlot: Artist/Level 2-15%
Zinfandel: Student/C+ 0%.
The family has acclimated nicely back into life on land. Chardonnay has decided to be an Athlete, in addition to her Fashion hobby & store downtown. Merlot has decided to hold off on Politics for awhile and be a Fireman, while retaining his Woodworking hobby. Zinfandel Loves school and is quite studious, he's taken up Karate as a hobby. He's excited he has his own room now! They are saving up too POSSIBLY buy a new family boat in the future.

The Bleu Family Rocks out in CELEBRATION of their Rescue!

What's This!? A Door to the OUTSIDE!?
So THIS is what LAND looks like?
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Re: Day 15 of "Lost at Sea" (The End)

Post by katgames »

Did not participate but it's been fun to read.
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Re: Day 15 of "Lost at Sea" (The End)

Post by Firrewhisper »

I had fun playing along but my Sims were unable to get married as they had temporarily taken over another Sim's home. So no baby and things kinda went haywire from that point. I enjoyed the challenges and decorating my "houseboat". No clue of the percentages.
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Re: Day 15 of "Lost at Sea" (The End)

Post by jaymart »

Safe at last
Let's celebrate
And now back to regular life - gardening for simoleans, at least it's on solid ground :-)
I also play mornings and nights on weekdays, during the day my sims are mainly doing longer tasks, like 9 hr hobbies, too bad work practice lasts only 1 hr.

PoliticIan level 4, 5% (but he was politician once before and I think starting level was not 0 though he enjoyed painting for a while, maybe he will return to this career)
Woodworking level 3, 31%
Artist level 2, 15%
Fashion design level 2, 32%

No kids but the couple will stay together for now, we'll see how it goes :)

Had fun playing Image
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Re: Day 15 of "Lost at Sea" (The End)

Post by telemwill »

Marilyn petting Kitty Munster with her homemade birthday presents surrounding.
2013-09-25 12.03.34.jpg
Marilyn as a baby.
2013-09-22 08.32.50.jpg
I copied this from my Facebook post so, I would have a record of it here too.
Well, I have neglected writing about my little family for days. The Munsters were quite surprised when their tiny addition turned out not to be their own child, but a note was included explaining that Marilyn belonged to Lily's sister and had been rejected by her birth-mother. Lily and Herman admitted she was rather an ugly baby, but were sure she would improve with age. Even though she remains quite plain, they love her very much. Marilyn spent her entire childhood stranded with her aunt and uncle and is very loyal to them. They hope she will be appreciated for her good qualities now that she has moved out on her own. (She plans to visit often.) Lily was able to help Marilyn find a job as a set cleaner at her old movie studio. Lily has decided not to go back to acting herself, but is enjoying gardening in the rain and costume design. Herman plans to continue woodworking as he has a tendency to break things and hopes he can do his own repairs. He is getting to know the dragons on the edge of town, and has taking a job putting out fires accidentally begun by the youngsters among them. Both Lily and Herman hope the stork will visit them again. As for stats, suffice it to say that no on made any impressive amount of progress. Herman was on level 2 woodworking with 98% complete toward the next level.
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