The Sorcerer's Stone Challenge

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The Sorcerer's Stone Challenge

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About, Rules, and Tools
This is a challenge based off the first Harry Potter book, but only the Elixir of Life and the Sorcerer's Stone part of it.
Haunted House (authentic or player made, make sure to add an extra room to put the sleeping sims in hibernation, make it at the very back of the house)
Ghost Hunter Sim (level 1)
Scientist Sim
Pre-teen Sim
Five adult sims (place in the hibernation room, asleep on beds)

Day 1.
The Elixir of Life.
There's chaos in simtown. The Tree of Life has been cut down, and all sims, even the youngest pre-teen know's what's coming: death. Some elderly sims have already been seen to by the grim reaper. Young [name of teen sim] has even seen it personally, and whoever has looked into the eyes of the reaper will go into a coma-like state. Not only that, but the dead sims have been reincarnated as mischievous ghosts, causing trouble among sims and swooping into graves. Then, out of the blue, a scientist by the name of [insert scientist name here] has discovered a way to slow, even stop this process! She/he calls it the Elixir of Life, a potion that makes the drinker immortal. It even stops old age! But the Grim reaper, angry that he is being thwarted of his victims, kidnaps the pre-teen sim that is in the coma, and takes her/him to his lair. (Haunted House) Very soon he takes the scientist, too. Before leaving, he mixes a chemical that, when drunk, put a sim into a hibernation. He takes five more sims, (insert), (insert), (insert), (insert), and (insert). The remaining sims get together and call their ghost-hunter, and mysterious sims who goes by no name, preferring the shadows. They send him to the house, where he must capture (or recapture) all the ghosts, and finally get to the sleeping sims, waking them up with the elixir of life.

Day 2.
Ghost hunter has entered the Haunted House. Immediately, the door slams shut behind him. This is not a good sign. The lights flicker on and off, almost like the reaper himself was warning him out. But he/she must go on. The future of simtown depends on her/him. Almost immediately, a ghost swoops down from the rafters! (Screenshot of ghost). The hunter does/does not/ catch it! However, more danger lie ahead in the reaper's haunted house...

(Continue along from there! Once you get to the hibernation room (catching or re-catching all the ghosts) you''ll have a series of rolls.

Roll One
1. Grim Reaper comes
2. Grim Reaper does not come

Roll Two (if you got 1)
1. You fight the Grim Reaper off
2. You fight the Grim Reaper off
3.You fight the Grim Reaper off
4. You do not fight him off (then proceed to re-capture 3 different ghosts)

Roll Two (if you got 2)
1. You set everyone free, but then a song starts: "Seven sims on the hanging tree, I put them there so there they'll sleep, their ropes won't fray, their ropes won't fray, I'll swing my scythe and cut the cord of life, seven sims on the hanging tree." A rouge ghost has sung it, and you need to re-capture the last ghost. You are awarded with the title 'Valhalla.'
2. A noxious gas fills the room! Everyone escapes but you, and you take a catnap. You are awarded with title 'Sleepy Hollow.'
3. You are captured by a rogue ghost, and do not come home along with the other sims. You are put in a hibernation like the others. Title awarded: 'Sleeping on the job.'

Congratulations! You have completed the challenge. Whether you slept or fled with the other sims, I hope you have had a good time. When your ghost hunter sim comes out, he should be on the final level. But read the aftermath to find out what happens next!

You return home, weary, but with even more weary sims behind you. The grim reaper has left, acknowledging his defeat. The elixir of life is needed no more, but your journey has become legend, a sim called J.K Rowling has even wrote a book about it! It is called 'The Sorcerer's Stone.' (All credit to the book goes to J.K Rowling.) But then... the grim reaper comes back! You all drink the elixir of life, unbeknownst to the fact that the scientist could see the future, and had not fixed the potion. The last thing you see for a while is dizzying blackness...
Your sims have not died. They have just been put into the sorcerer's stone treatment, a permanent hibernation for sims you love, and care for.
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Re: The Sorcerer's Stone Challenge

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This is a little confusing. I might try it once I make heads or tails of it.
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