Financial Crisis!

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Financial Crisis!

Post by Nava45 » 02 Sep 2014, 15:45

Chapter 1

Maya Depardieu was sitting in a chair, drinking coffee when the fateful phone call rang. She put down her cup of SimLa Coffee, still hot from the coffee maker. Surprised, she choked on her scalding coffee and accidentally spilled it on her clothes. Grumbling, she ran to the phone and picked it up. "Who is it?" She asked irritably, trying to scrub off the coffee stain on her shirt.
"It's Sakura." An accented voice replied.
"Oh, hey! Aren't you at work?" Sakura's voice turned uncomfortable.
"I understand that you're a painter, correct?"
"Yes... Why? Do you have a job for me?"
"Have you checked your bank account recently?"
"No. What is this about? I thought we were stable."
"Turns out you're not. I don't know why you didn't know, but you're going to be evicted if you don't earn 100,000 simoleons in an hour."
"Why didn't you tell me before!??" Maya had two hands on the phone now, coffee stain forgotten. But Sakura had hung up.
"100,000 simoleons in an hour? Are you crazy?" Wiping her hands off, she called David's principal and asked to send David home. When the principal asked why, she told her it was a family matter. She also called Frances. When they arrived, she told them the terrible news. David actually started to lok like he was going to cry, and Frances looked shocked. They all started setting up and art booth, and placed ads all over town, but it was too late. Sakura came over and told them that there was a small house they could afford and that Hercules Haruno was moving into their now old house. They packed up their stuff in a moving truck, said goodbye to the house, grabbed Anubis, and left.

Their new house was very tiny, only 309 square inches. Sakura left them with a note that they would probably be moved into an even cheaper house soon. Maya swallowed and turned to her family. "So should we start unpacking?"

Chapter 2
They had moved as much stuff as they could pay for in their super small house, only 309 inches. Some things were pre-installed, such as the radiator and a furnace. They added two beds that were given to them by pitying neighbors, a tv and a basic bathroom set.
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