I need Stickers!

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Re: I need Stickers!

Post by SKatF » 02 Sep 2018, 23:20

mockingbird288z wrote:
01 Sep 2018, 19:43
Is anyone else noticing a lack of stickers since the to-do list (and giving stickers) was replaced? I've been struggling this week.

Sarai needs 5 cool and 1 classy
Julien needs 4 silly
Constance needs 1 classy
Will do my best. Spent most stickers at my party. There's tomorrow morning, too.
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Re: I need Stickers!

Post by mockingbird288z » 04 Sep 2018, 03:30

Thanks everyone for trying. Real life got in the way and I couldn't even play the game yesterday or most of today. I just opened it and Sarai got the full 9 gems even though she only had 4 cool stickers (she had 8 classy and 9 silly). Julien only had 3 silly stickers (7 classy and 10 cool) and he got 8 gems.

So the cut off for 9 gems is now 4, I guess. That's a relief!
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