Preteens can age up early (if you want)

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Preteens can age up early (if you want)

Post by ErinPW » 06 Jun 2018, 18:42

This morning when Elijah has been retired, I went to the family picture to pick Leigh for the free slot. Then I saw the preteen raising his arm just as if he was an adult already. I didn't really think this could happen, so I tapped on him. He immediatly turned into an adult and -bam- he had the free slot.

Great. I didn't think far enough :roll: For whatever reason he didn't get the family events like usual and he should have gotten the last star for the good upbringing tomorrow morning, before growing up. Now this sim has only two stars.

Well, I had to go on anyway. He wanted to be girl all the time, so I changed his gender and he became the beautyful Linnet ^^
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Re: Preteens can age up early (if you want)

Post by mockingbird288z » 06 Jun 2018, 19:11

Awesome! I'm waiting for my last preteen to grow up to retire everyone. I went to go check and she's only got 1 good upbringing star. I didn't catch her in time this morning when she was a toddler. I started the family event with the other preteen first and in the second or two it took to switch to another sim Marisol got the birthday cake to grow to a preteen. Now I don't think there will be time for her to get the third star. I might have to let this plan go and use Vivienne whose Dad I messed up on. I can just pretend Vivienne's dad is Eli.
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