[Discovery Quest] A Bump-y Ride

This section is all about (discovery) quests.
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Re: [Discovery Quest] A Bump-y Ride

Post by SimmerDown » 12 Sep 2018, 10:12

FYI, not sure when it changed but I just noticed that pregnant Sims can now use the singing salmon!
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Re: [Discovery Quest] A Bump-y Ride

Post by bluebeariscool » 14 Sep 2018, 22:26

I discovered something by accident about a couple of the tasks on the pregnant sims daily tasks. May already have been discovered as I haven’t read this whole thread. apologies if it’s repeating something already known.

set up a nightlight in the nursery : not only does this not have to be a nightlight, it can be any light anywhere but it can be done whilst the pregnant sim is doing another task.

Change wallpaper in the nursery : as above, it can be changing any walls in any room and can be done whilst the pregnant sim is on another task.
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