Why we need Genealogy in Freeplay. [rant]

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Why we need Genealogy in Freeplay. [rant]

Post by Sigs_Minock » 29 Mar 2019, 05:50

So, I'm letting my town die out- though this doesn't mean i can't try to set up couples for when i decide to get the population growing.
I think one of the biggest complaints in the game, is that when you move someone into a household, they obtain the last name of whomever owns the home. currently no way to change names... though there should be, or at least some way to differentiate families. Shouldn't really matter, but in this recent case- it does.

Here's what happened: Three femsims move into the same household and all get the get the last name of the first one that moved into the house. Eventually, two moved out, married each other, and had children through "mysterious means" [they live in haunted house :shock: ]. The original homeowner decides to adopt a daughter. Daughter ages up and moves out. The children of the married couple age up and move out.
The son meets the adopted daughter and... because they share the same last name, they are considered related. Brother-Sister, despite having NO BLOOD RELATION, and not ever meeting

"Anne Smith" buy a house and moves in her friends "Becky Tanner" and "Charlotte Rose" thus they all become the "Smith" household.
Anne adopts a girl, named "Donna Smith" after Becky and Charlotte leave.
Becky and Charlotte marry and have a child each; Becky has a son, Edward, Charlotte has a daughter, Fiona. Edward and Fiona are technically step-siblings because they have no actual blood relation. <Blame the game programming.>
Donna ages up and moves into her own house.
Edward ages up and meets Donna- and is labeled her Brother, just because they share the same last name. :/
Donna and Edward should NOT be labelled as such, because Anne is not related in any way to Becky. This is one couple that isn't going to happen because of the way the game is coded.

FireMonkeys, please try to work in Genealogy into the game. Please. Just some way to differentiate bloodlines if they've moved in and shared names. i could ask for something more complicated, like how it's handled in Mobile to establish both a paternal and maternal lineage, that could be after a genealogy method is set in play.
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Re: Why we need Genealogy in Freeplay. [rant]

Post by 3luv4eva3 » 29 Mar 2019, 06:24

Agree 100% - the only way you can change the name is to have the Have Makeover option. Which is ridiculous cause you're spending 12 LPs to ONLY change the last name. It's a waste.
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Re: Why we need Genealogy in Freeplay. [rant]

Post by CatharinaSophia » 07 Apr 2019, 14:31

Just curious: can Edward and Donna have a romantical relationship (and babies) even though they are brother/sister?

Also, have you sent FM a suggestion ticket already?
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