Sweet Treat Showdown Laundry Reloaded

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Sweet Treat Showdown Laundry Reloaded

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Starts January 19, 2020
Source https://answers.ea.com/t5/Game-Informat ... -p/8655468

Similar to past Sweet Treat events. You do event activities to earn event currency (2 kinds of cookies) and spend them on prize boxes. If you open all prize boxes, you get the Grand Prize of dryer, ironing board and female hairstyle.

In addition to the standard way to purchase prizes there will be 2 additional packs for sale, 1 costing square cookies and 1 costing royal cookies. Note: If you spend event resources on these packs, you do not progress toward the Grand Prize. So you'll have to decide how many cookies you think you'll earn and what you want most.

One thing is unclear to me. For the last few events, if you opened the last prize box and got the Grand Prize, the event ended immediately, even if it was still scheduled to continue.

If that's what happens this time, you won't be able to play on and get more cookies for the additional packs. So if you are able to get enough cookies for all the boxes AND the extra two packs, you'd have to buy the packs before collecting the final prize box.

Unless they've changed it so the event doesn't end early if you collect the Grand Prize before the event would normally end. If anyone knows for sure, please post.

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Laundry Reloaded

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Thank you ever so much for sharing these update details with us. 😊

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