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Treasure Hunt University of Brightchester

Posted: 30 Sep 2020, 04:33
by SKatF
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New type of event. Help Samuel "Smallfry" Friday, a member of the Sims Explorers Guild look for treasure. Earn college-themed rewards straight from The Sims 4 Expansion Pack - Discover University, list below.

Open your map to begin.

🔸️Research Event: At home, your Sim must start researching and studying to generate clues that help you figure out where to look next for treasure!

🔸️Investigation Events: These take place all around town and require clues to begin. Your Sims must undertake themed actions to help look for information about where the treasure might be. Throughout the investigations, you’ll be rewarded a mixture of different prizes: Ancient Relic and Simoleons.

🔸️Expedition Dig Site Events: Your Sims must visit the new dig sites around town. These also require clues to begin. Undertake themed actions to be rewarded with even more amounts of Ancient Relics.

🔸️Dig Site Mini Game: At the expedition dig sites, there is a new mini-game to play! Smallfry gives you the opportunity to put your prospecting skills to the test to uncover more Ancient Relics, and even rarer Golden Bunnies! But think carefully - it's unclear where each reward is buried! The dig site mini game requires one Walkie Talkie to begin. You'll automatically get a Walkie Talkie every 5 hours, and can store up to 5 at a time.

Prize Structure: Use your Ancient Relics and Golden Bunnies that you earn along the way to redeem exclusive new prizes! You'll be able to choose which rewards you aim for first, as you work your way down to the grand prize Treasure Chest. Additionally, when you complete an entire row all color variants for each item are awarded as a bonus, rather than as individual prizes!

Here are the exclusive items to look forward to:

Grand Prizes
🔸️Ping pong table
🔸️Braid hairstyle for female Sims
🔸️Britechester dragon mascot costume (body & head) for male and female Sims!

Pyramid Prizes
🔸️Wooden ornate fireplace
🔸️Wooden drinks bar
🔸️Wooden desk
🔸️Wooden deluxe double bed
🔸️Fleece jacket for female Sims
🔸️Wooden bookcase
🔸️Wooden armchair
🔸️Student desk
🔸️Desk lamp
🔸️Justice scales
🔸️Ornate rug
🔸️Roller desk chair
🔸️Tartan skirt for female Sims
🔸️Oversized V-neck sweater for female Sims

Re: Treasure Hunt University of Brightchester

Posted: 30 Sep 2020, 05:40
by simmare
This. Might actually be interesting