Influence Island FAQ

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Influence Island FAQ

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Copied from ea com Influence Island FAQ

There is also a video at the Firemonkeys‘ YouTube channel here.

Sul sul,

In our latest update, The Sims FreePlay team are excited to introduce a new event called Influence Island! Visit the new remote island location to enter a new Survivor-inspired gameshow experience to influence celebrity Sims to join your clan. To help make sure you can hit the ground running, our game team have put together this FAQ.

Event Overview

Q – What is Influence Island all about?

Your Sim is stuck on a tropical island! They have 10 days to convert seven Sims to ‘Clan Mates’ to win the Grand Prize. To do this, you must chat to the Sims on the island and engage in Influence Challenges to have each of them join your clan, while a Rival Sim is doing the same (but they are pretty terrible at it).

Each Challenge consists of a number of rounds. Successfully completing a Challenge will move the target Sim from Neutral, to Friend, to Ally, and then finally, Clan Mate! Achieve seven Clan Mates to earn the Grand Prize.

Check out the Information tab in the Influence Island Main Menu that explains all the key features if you get stuck.

Q - How do I start the event and get to Influence Island?

The Influence Island event will be automatically triggered at specific times during an update just like any other event or quest. When it is live, it can be found in the Active Tasks menu. Tap the event button to be whisked away to Influence Island!

Q – Can I choose any Sim to join me at the Island?

You can choose any adult Sim to act as your Influencer on Influence Island. Who out of your Sims, is up to the challenge?!

Q – Why is there a Rival Sim on the island?

Well, what makes for better TV than a nefarious, conniving and scheming Rival? Nothing!

Q – I kinda knew that. Tell me more about this Rival...

There will be a new Rival every season. They are not great at trying to convince the Sims to join their clan, and influence Sims at a much slower rate than you. Any Sim influenced by the Rival can still be converted to your Sim’s side! However, your strategy and convincing skills are strong! Your influenced Sims cannot be influenced by the Rival.

Q - There are three challenges per day, how long does the Influence Island event run for in every update?

The Influence Island event will run for 10 days. You have 3 Influence Challenges available every day and a Challenge refreshes every 8 hours

Q – You mentioned I can target any celebrity Sim on the island. What are the different types of influencing choices can I do to persuade them to join my clan?

Each Sim on the island has an amount of Influence that is required to convince them to join you - this is represented by an Influence Bar. You have a few different influence actions to choose from that each apply a different amount of Influencing to the Bar. When you select an action, an Influence amount will be randomly selected from within its range. This will count towards your influencing on each Sim!

Your goal is to reach the Green Zone, which means you have successfully influenced a celebrity Sim and perfectly completed the Round. But watch out! If you apply too much Influence and hit the Red Zone, your target becomes annoyed and your Sim’s well intentioned methods have seen through your manipulative agenda their target and all your progress will be lost!

In some rounds there is a Yellow Zone, which means that the Rival has spoken to celebrity Sim and has attempted to influence them! You can attempt to Stop & Convince the Sim when you can see the zone is Yellow, but you better work hard at making sure your influence is greater than the Rival’s!

Gameplay Tips

Q – Do I need to come back every day to keep trying to influence other Sims?

That’s the smart play! It takes 3 successful Challenges to convert one Sim to a Clan Mate - you need seven Clan Mates to earn the Grand Prize!

Q - What are the benefits Chocolate Bar?

Benefits of chocolate? Where do we start?! You get three free for every Challenge. They reset after every Challenge. Their small Influencing range makes them super useful for when you are nearing your influencing goal. They will NEVER cause your Sim to hit the red zone. You can spend Premium currency to buy more if you wish.

Q – What are the details around the Survival Kit!?

There are lots of tools in the Survival Kit that will help you become an even more effective Influencer:

10 Bribes!
A special Action that GUARANTEES SUCCESS when your Sim is within 15 points of influencing success
Bribes will NEVER cause your Sim to hit the red zone
+1 Chocolate per Challenge
+1000 bonus network credits for purchasing Prizes
The Survival Tip (Extra influence action) which is useable once per Challenge and gives exactly 10 Influence
Q – How do I track my Clan progress?

Your Clan progress is tracked in the Influence Island main menu.

Q – What happens if I run out of time to influence as many Sims as I need to in order to get them on my side?

Like all of our limited time events, you must complete them before the 10 days is up. You can purchase extra Challenges if you fall behind. In addition, there is a grace period in which you can purchase prizes with any Network Tokens you earned during the event.

Prize Overview

Q – Alright, let's talk about the rewards! Throughout the event, I’ll accumulate Network Tokens in order to redeem exclusive milestone prizes. Where and what range of things I can earn along the way?

Prizes are purchased in the Gift shop – there are two types of prizes, Common and Rare. You must collect all Common Prizes first before you can start to earn Rare Prizes.

Spending tokens allows you to spin for a prize! Every spin will earn you a new, unique prize with the guarantee of no duplicates! Once a prize is earned it removed from the prize selection. Rare prizes are bundles of multiple prizes together. Prizes will be different in each season – for all the details on the School themed rewards in Season 1, check out the School’s Out Update Blog notes!

Q - Can I stop playing any time and spend my Network Tokens for a prize?

Yes! Network Tokens can be spent at the end of a Challenge, however at any round, you can ‘cash out’ and go spend your Tokens in the Gift Shop.

Q – Is there a way to still get the prizes if I miss out?

Not at this stage.... maybe the Network will rerun an episode Influence Island in the future...?

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