Sims Freeplay demographics

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Re: Sims Freeplay demographics

Post by Alanna »

Almost 26, American female. Diehard Sims 2 player since 2005. Got my iPad in 2011 and immediately looked up sims in the app store . . . which gave me a really lame version of Sims 3. I think I had to pay a few bucks for it too. Played that for a little while, and then around December 2011, searched for sims in the app store again (or was there an ad? There was probably an ad) and found the new Sims Freeplay. Been playing ever since.
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Re: Sims Freeplay demographics

Post by Simssarah »

53 year old female living in Norfolk, UK. Live alone so plenty of time for Simming. I started on Sim City back in the late 90's and have dipped in and out of Simming ever since. Bought my Ipad last year but it took until earlier this year to discover SFP. Play too often and should be washing the car right now instead of waiting for my Bird Feeders to finish!
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Re: Sims Freeplay demographics

Post by Debbilu_7 »

53 year old married woman, living in small town Canada. 2 grownup kids.
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Re: Sims Freeplay demographics

Post by kwippo »

c-c-c-combo breaker....
I'm an (almost) 25 year old guy, living in Israel.
I study physics and computer sciences. I study all day, every day.
I have so much to say about gaming in general, let alone sims freeplay, and about what it means to me, but I will sum it up by saying that gaming for me is a way of escaping my reality.
My studies are really hard (at least for me), and games are a way for me delve into something that is more imaginative, that contains intriguing stories.
There are so many things that I wish to do besides studying for my B.Sc., and sadly games are the quickest satisfactory solution for me. That and webcomics.
Sims freeplay was a great way for me to do something relaxing when I got back home from my long day. In the beginning, I was ok with the quests and limited time events, and thought it added a little spice to this game. But nowadays I don't like being forced to finish something in a certain time, especially since I have a very busy schedule. It feels like a toll to me.
I have played sims freeplay since the toddlers' update, so I think I played nearly near the beginning. That means I now play more than 2 years sims freeplay.
The only things I missed where the dance machines and the toddlers' costume chest (well, I didn't miss it, there wasn't a quest I could get it at the time).

I really like designing, and I wish for more furniture (that doesn't cost sp or lp).

I also really really really like queer comics. I identify as a gray-aromantic (leaning more towards aromantic) asexual person, and I prefer guys. So you could say I'm gay, but not really.
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I accept neighbor requests, find me on FB (unfortunately, I can no longer play on an iOS device, so no GC).
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Re: Sims Freeplay demographics

Post by ilovethesims »

animagif wrote: 09 Oct 2013, 02:39 I was gonna say iris9487 takes the youngest player crown, then I scrolled down and saw ILoveSpf's post. Don't know if anybody can beat that. :lol:
I can, I'm only ten, just a addicted as anyone else though
Been playing since was 7!
Level: 54
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Re: Sims Freeplay demographics

Post by EricaSFP »

38 f TX USA here. Been a Sim player since TS1 (a friend got me addicted to the series). TS2 is my all time favorite on the PC but for mobile, SFP is the winner. Been a SFP player since Sept. 2014 when I got my first iPad Mini. I just finished the Pet Park on my Android device the other day (after transferring that iOS save to an Android tablet after the 2014 Product RED Charity event). I am working on finishing my second iPad Mini game building the Orb locations now.
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