goals not registering ?

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Re: goals not registering ?

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My goal to have a toddler birthday is not skippable. I have to be careful not to choose it for Molly. Working on getting another couple married so I can have their baby grow up to be a pre-teen. I know who is he going to be already but I can't have another Sim until I reach level 30, maybe by Sunday if things work out and I can get his parents hitched by then.
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Re: goals not registering ?

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Delphine wrote:It's a good thing you managed to finish the karate goal but i've never seen a goal "unskipable". I hope you'll soon find a solution to fix this otherwise you could have problems if you MUST do ALL the goals and there is one you just can't...
So far the karate one was the first one that I encountered that was unskippable. I hope I don't encounter anything that I can't do yet can't skip such as 'Use the teleporter' because I missed the Osiris goal and don't have a teleporter.
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