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Purchases problems?

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Q: I purchased an item pack from the Online Store. Where do I find the items that I’ve purchased?
A: All the items from the Premium House Pack go into your Inventory in the Home Store, in their relative tabs. If you don't see them there immediately, try waiting a few minutes, closing all apps including the game and rebooting your device to make sure that the game has refreshed before checking again.

Q: I made a purchase from the Online Store, but it was not reflected in my game! What do I do?
A: It may take a little time for your purchase to process. If you still don't receive your pack within 24 hours, try force closing all apps, including the Sims FreePlay and reboot your device to refresh it.

If this doesn't help, please upload your latest progress to the Cloud* and use the "Submit a Request" button in the menu bar at the top of this page and choose "Missing Purchase" to submit a ticket. A support representative will be with you as quickly as possible to assist you with your purchase query.

* If you are not sure how to use the Cloud feature in the Sims FreePlay options menu (this game does NOT officially support Apples iCloud feature), please have a look at this topic for more information.

Q: What can I do if I have purchased Simoleons or Lifestyle Points and want to reset my game?
A: Unfortunately, consumable purchases such as Simoleons and Lifestyle Points will not be able to be retrieved after resetting your game. However, item packs that have been purchased on the store are able to be downloaded again for free, or restored using the "Restore Purchases" button available in the Info section of the app:
Q: How can I get more LifePoints for FREE?
A: To earn FREE LifePoints in the Sims FreePlay, navigate to the store and tap the blue FREE icon in the LifePoints category.

This will bring up our Offer Wall, where you will see a list of great offers and their corresponding LifePoint rewards. Tap the offer you wish to participate in, then follow the prompts to get your FREE LifePoints.

If you believe that you have not received LP that you should have from the Offer Wall, please use the "Missing Currency" link at the bottom of the Offer Wall to report the problem.